What time is sunrise in Auckland?

What time is sunrise in Auckland?

Auckland, a vibrant city in New Zealand, experiences varied sunrise times throughout the year due to its geographical location and seasonal changes. In this article, we'll explore the nuances of sunrise times in Auckland, helping residents and visitors alike plan their days with the sun's schedule in mind.

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Current Sunrise Time in Auckland

As of today, December 18, 2023, the sunrise time in Auckland is at 5:55:29 AM​​. However, it's essential to note that sunrise times fluctuate throughout the year. For instance, on December 26, 2023, the sunrise in Auckland is at 6:00 AM, with sunset occurring at 8:41 PM, making the day length approximately 14 hours and 41 minutes​​​​.

Seasonal Variations in Sunrise Times

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice, which marks the longest day of the year, occurs on December 22, 2023, in Auckland. This day is 5 hours and 4 minutes longer than the winter solstice in June. During this period, the earliest sunrise is observed on December 8​​.

Throughout December, Auckland experiences gradually later sunrises and sunsets. The earliest sunrise in December 2023 is around 5:55 AM, with sunset times extending from 8:24 PM to 8:43 PM as the month progresses​​.

Yearly Extremes

Over the year, Auckland's earliest sunrise is at 6:00 AM, while the latest sunrise occurs at 7:41 AM. Conversely, the earliest sunset is around 4:36 PM, and the latest sunset is observed at 8:36 PM​​.

Factors Influencing Sunrise Times

  • Latitude: Auckland's position in the southern hemisphere significantly influences its sunrise and sunset times.
  • Daylight Saving Time (DST): DST adjustments affect the time of sunrise and sunset. Auckland adjusts for DST, which needs to be considered when looking at specific times of the year​​.
  • Atmospheric Conditions: Atmospheric refraction and weather conditions can slightly alter the apparent sunrise time.


Understanding the sunrise times in Auckland requires acknowledging the interplay between geographical location, seasonal changes, and DST adjustments. Whether planning outdoor activities, photography sessions, or simply enjoying the beauty of a new day, being aware of these variations in sunrise times can enhance your experience in Auckland.

For a more interactive and detailed understanding of Auckland's sunrise and sunset times throughout the year, websites like Time and Date and Suncurves provide comprehensive information and tools to explore specific dates and historical data.

Additional Resources

To further explore the sunrise and sunset times in Auckland, consider these YouTube resources:

  1. "New Zealand | Sunrise in Auckland by timelapse | 4K" - A beautiful timelapse of the sunrise in Auckland, including footage from Mt. Eden​​.
  2. "Auckland Sunrise Timelapse" - Captures the moment when the Sky Tower's illumination turns off and the sun lights up the city buildings and yachts​​.
  3. "Auckland Sky Tower Photo Slideshow and Sunrise Time Lapse in 4K" - Features a combination of a photo slideshow and a time-lapse of the sunrise at Auckland's iconic Sky Tower​​.
  4. "Auckland At Sunrise Timelapse" - Showcases a sped-up video of Auckland's sunrise, capturing the beauty of the city at dawn​​.

By leveraging these resources, you can stay informed about the sun's patterns in Auckland and plan your activities accordingly.

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