Exploring Auckland's Premier Indoor Basketball Courts: A Player's Guide

Auckland is home to several top-notch indoor basketball facilities, each offering unique opportunities for play, training, and competition. Here's an expanded guide to include Swish Factory, 33 Hoops, YMCA City, alongside previously mentioned courts, ensuring basketball enthusiasts know where to head for their next game.

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Swish Factory

  • Location: 17 Orbit Drive, Rosedale, Auckland
  • Features: New Zealand's most advanced basketball training facility equipped with Dr. Dish ball return machines, AI to track shots, and a variety of programs including after school classes, weekend clinics, and school holiday camps.
  • Website: Swish Factory
  • Availability: Open daily, offering a range of activities from shooting stations and coaching clinics to strength training and basketball camps​​​​​​.


Hoop33 is recognized for its comprehensive player development approach, located at 165-169 Target Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland. It's a unique blend of a fully equipped gym and a full basketball court, making it New Zealand's first 24/7 basketball and gym facility. Hoop33 offers an environment that focuses on skill development, athletic development, tactical understanding, and building habits & processes essential for on-court success.

  • Location: 165-169 Target Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland
  • Website: Hoop33


YMCA in Auckland is known for its community-focused sports facilities, including basketball courts. They typically offer a range of basketball programs for various age groups and skill levels, from casual play to leagues and training sessions.

They are open everyday for casual plays.

Synergy Sports (Indoor Sports Center)

  • Website: Information about Synergy Sports can be explored further by contacting them directly or searching online for "Synergy Sports Auckland."
  • Specialty: Teaching the fundamentals of basketball from a young age, with a focus on teamwork and skill development​​.

Massey University Sports Hall

The Trusts Arena

  • Website: The Trusts Arena
  • Opening Times and Rates: As detailed above, with specific hours for casual play and options for half or full court hire​​.

These facilities offer a range of options for basketball players in Auckland, from those seeking high-level training and competition to those just looking for a fun game with friends. Each venue has its own unique set of features, programs, and availability, so it's a good idea to check their websites or contact them directly for the most current information. Whether you're improving your skills, competing, or playing casually, Auckland's indoor basketball courts provide plenty of opportunities to get into the game.

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