Tyre Recycling in Auckland: A Sustainable Solution

Tyre Recycling in Auckland: A Sustainable Solution

In this friendly and informative article, I'll delve into the world of tyre recycling in Auckland, New Zealand. As we embark on this journey together, let’s explore how Auckland is addressing the challenge of recycling tyres, turning what was once waste into valuable resources.

The Growing Need for Tyre Recycling

Did you know that New Zealanders dispose of over 4.2 million tyres annually? That's a staggering amount! As our reliance on vehicles continues to grow, so does the number of tyres reaching their end-of-life. This presents a significant environmental challenge, as improperly discarded tyres can harm ecosystems and pose fire hazards.

Pioneering Efforts in Auckland

Waste Management NZ Limited

Waste Management NZ Limited plays a crucial role in Auckland's tyre recycling landscape. They offer a solution that prevents the stockpiling of end-of-life tyres or their disposal in landfills. This initiative involves collecting various types of tyres, including passenger car, 4WD, and truck tyres, and transporting them to their recycling facility in Wiri. Here, the tyres are processed into chips for high-energy tyre derived fuel (TDF), providing an eco-friendly alternative.

tyre recycling process

J&J Laughton Shredding Services

Established in 1996, J&J Laughton Shredding Services Ltd. has been at the forefront of tyre recycling in New Zealand. They recycle tyres by splitting, chopping, chipping, shredding, and granulating them for various applications, often replacing natural resources. This process significantly benefits the environment. J&J Laughton holds several contracts with Auckland councils for dumping and inorganic kerbside collections.

J&J Laughton Shredding Services

Tyrewise: A Nationwide Initiative

Tyrewise is set to revolutionize tyre recycling in New Zealand. As a comprehensive scheme, it's designed to involve everyone – from tyre importers and sellers to the end consumers. This initiative, launching in 2024, aims to end inconsistent disposal practices, prevent stockpiling and illegal dumping, and support creating new products from recycled tyres. Tyrewise plans to increase the current 40% recycling rate of end-of-life tyres to an ambitious 90%.

Tyrewise initiative

How Tyrewise Works

  • Registration: Retailers, collectors, transporters, and processors of tyres need to register with Tyrewise.
  • Collection and Processing: Registered tyre fitters will collect old tyres and transport them to registered collection sites.
  • Stewardship Fee: The scheme will be funded by a tyre stewardship fee paid when purchasing new tyres.
  • Innovation Support: Tyrewise will fund research and innovation projects for end-of-life tyre solutions.

Junk Run: Facilitating Tyre Recycling

Junk Run, another key player in Auckland's tyre recycling effort, highlights the increasing number of cars and, consequently, tyres. They emphasize the importance of disposing of tyres sustainably. Their service includes taking old tyres to a recycling plant in West Auckland, where they are processed similarly to J&J Laughton's methods. Junk Run also encourages creative upcycling of tyres for various projects.

Junk Run tyre recycling

The Environmental and Economic Benefits

Why Recycle Tyres?

  • Environmental Protection: Recycling reduces landfill waste and prevents harmful chemicals from seeping into the ground and water sources.
  • Resource Conservation: Recycled materials from tyres can replace natural resources in various applications.
  • Energy Efficiency: Tyre derived fuel is a high-energy, eco-friendly alternative.

Economic Advantages

  • Job Creation: Recycling initiatives create jobs in collection, processing, and new product development.
  • Circular Economy: By turning waste into resources, we support a sustainable economic model.

How You Can Contribute

For Individuals

  • Responsible Disposal: Ensure your old tyres are disposed of at registered tyre shops or collection sites.
  • Creative Reuse: Consider upcycling tyres for home projects or community art.

For Businesses

  • Participate in Recycling Programs: Register with schemes like Tyrewise to ensure proper tyre disposal.
  • Innovate: Explore ways to use recycled tyre materials in your products.


Auckland's journey in tyre recycling is an inspiring example of how we can transform a waste challenge into an opportunity for environmental protection and economic growth. With initiatives like Tyrewise and dedicated companies like Waste Management NZ, J&J Laughton, and Junk Run, we're seeing a sustainable future where every tyre is valued, not as waste, but as a resource for tomorrow.

To learn more about these initiatives and how you can be a part of Auckland's tyre recycling journey, visit the following websites:

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